Undertale Tumblr Themes: 10 Dark Cool Game Layouts

Undertale! A game of epic nature involving a child who has descended into an underground universe overrun with monsters. Every social media guru who loves this game knows it would be terrifically rad to have similar graphics and styles placed in a theme. Due to limited availability, I’ve found only 8 Undertale Tumblr themes, 1 header and 1 cursor.

1. Darkmatter

undertale tumblr themes - darkmatter

Single column and fully Undertale, the layout featured here fits all the criteria to be an amazing Undertale Tumblr theme. Copy and paste the code into your Tumblr making this theme extremely easy to install. To give the theme some character, Sans, a creepy skeleton man, is shown dancing on the description box while your profile image and links fade in and out in the left sidebar. The Undertale signature 4 command icons, fight, act, item or mercy, are displayed across the screen. If you are code savvy, you may be able to edit these button to your own links. This theme would be perfect for a game page dedicated to all your exciting Undertale adventures. Get code

2. Determination (featured in Undertale Tumblr themes)

undertale tumblr themes - determination

If you’re looking for a customizable Undertale Tumblr theme, this one is for you. A snowy background, forefronted by a single column and game inspired side bar is the basic layout. Your character’s name can be changed as well as the image of your character. Customize this area to house your favorite Undertale worlds or roles. Fully responsive on all types of screens allows you fully to show off your Undertale fandom. No other theme features six ask links and a submission box. These helpful tools give users the ability to share their tips and trick of the game directly with you. Double click to like posts and the classic Undertale soul heart appears in the center. Get code

3. Raiidens

undertale tumblr themes - raiidens

Perfectly basic and gorgeously Undertale. A plain black background combines with an infinite scrolling single column to bring an Undertale flair without being overwhelming to the eye. Your posts will be able to stand out but everyone will still know you’re a die-hard Undertale-er. Colors and fonts can be changed to suit your personal style. You’ll also be able to showcase your images beautifully, with removable captions. Get code

4. Napstablook

undertale tumblr themes - drewthemes

The ghoulish ghost named, Napstablook, is cutely placed about the header to introduce your followers to your devotion to Undertale. Throughout the theme, small touches of flair from the game as strategically placed. Fight, act, item and mercy buttons can be changed to your own personal links, giving followers the ability to see all you other creative gaming web pages. These may also be linked to other social media sites to allow your users to connect with you on many different platforms. Font styles and colors can be customized for a different effect. The best feature though is the customizable battle screen and changeable name or level.  Get code

5. Sludgebat

undertale tumblr themes - sludgebat

As with many of the other themes, this layout contains one column and a side bar. The fight, act, item and mercy buttons are located under the description within the moveable sidebar. Thick white boxes surround each post and yellow writing highlights important features or links. Links can be hovered over for a neat effect. Personal links can also be added to this theme. The font used is typical Undertale style writing. The customization options on this layout are limited but for a true fan, this layout would serve all the functions possible. Get code

6. Pretzel

undertale tumblr themes - Pretzel Dashboard theme

We all love that annoying little white dog. This profile exclusively features him dangling from a yellow rope on the right side of the page. Beside him, a sidebar features your “about me” section and your Undertale rank. The bulk of the page includes a single column with each post blocked in white. The header uses Tumblr icons redesigned to look as if they are from the game. The font used is the same as the game, giving your readers the full Undertale experience. Get code

7. Flower

undertale tumblr themes - flower

This theme is reminiscent of the game Undertale without being an exact copy. The color options are similar with the white text boxes and the orange links. It also features a search bar and 5 opportunities to link other pages. If you are code savvy, you may be able to manipulate a few features to customize this theme as your own. Get code

8. Waterfall

undertale tumblr themes - waterfall

Created for the lovers of the waterfall section within the Undertale game, this theme features the brights aqua borders with drop shadows. The sidebar can be positioned in multiple places throughout the layout while links featured below it. These custom links can include any short text and link up all your best gaming sites. Fonts are also able to be changed to suit your personal style. Post backgrounds have the ability to go transparent or opaque. This theme gives hints of your undying love for the game without being over the top. Get code

Those are the 8 free Undertale Tumblr themes I’ve found. Below is the header and a cursor.

9. Undertale Header

undertale tumblr themes - header

Add a nifty header bar to showcase your Undertale style in all your Tumblr links. Tumblr and all its affiliate links are overtaken by Undertale text, making your profile seamlessly look as if it escaped from the monster’s underworld. Get code

10. Soul Heart Cursors

undertale tumblr themes - soul heart cursors

Choose any color heart to be a cursor for your entire page! Let your readers know that Undertale is your passion with this cute soul heart. It truly completes any Undertale theme.

This list is designed for the ultimate Undertale lover. Be code savvy and reformat a link above or leave it as is, either way, these themes will not disappoint you or your followers. From awesome characters to a fantastic plot, who wouldn’t want to display their passion for Undertale in their game-loving Tumblr profile. Get code

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