Single Column Tumblr Themes: 11 Free One Column Layout

The simplest and easiest form of a Tumblr page: The single column Tumblr themes. Find every single column skin you’ll ever need, listed conveniently below.

1. Minuta

Minuta - Best Free Single Column Tumblr Themes

Have difficulty with Tumblr? Don’t understand how to customize your page? Check out the Minuta Theme because here you’ll find a delectable and simplistic guide to ease the use of this layout. If you choose to install this theme, throughout you’ll find Disqus comments, Google Analytics, Twitter feeds, Social Media links, and it is printer friendly. This skin is truly unique because it is specifically geared towards bloggers and dotEPUB users. It is also responsive across all devices. This means you can create a literary masterpiece that readers can easily access from anywhere in the world, in any form they wish. Download

2. Labrador

Labrador - Best Free Single Column Tumblr Themes

A smooth profile with a basic feel is a great description for this layout. Everything about this skin screams simplism. The features are minimal but include every type you’d ever need. Labrador is one of the best free single column Tumblr themes. Each aspect is fully customizable: from the colors to the font to images. Commenting is Disqus style allowing your users the ability to become more active within your posts. This theme also supports high resolution images and the ability to search all your incredible posts. Download

3. Belfort

Belfort - Best Free Single Column Tumblr Themes

You will definitely stand above the crowd with this layout! The stationary header image is uniquely placed on the left in a sidebar format. The right section is the single column that effortlessly features your custom posts and Tags. Each font, color and background image is hand selected by you, making your profile fit your exclusive flair. All forms of social media have the ability to be linked to this profile and each image featured is high resolution. Likes and Disqus commenting are standard on this profile to encourage your followers to engage with every feature offered in this marvelous layout. Download

4. Feather

Feather - Best Free Single Column Tumblr Themes

“Just a simple theme” is the tagline for this layout: a very crisp and concise definition of a minimalistic theme with elementary features. The serif font combined with the plain white background make this skin beautiful yet sophisticated. Although the customization options are extremely limited in this theme, colors can be adjusted to add in touches of your personal style. Download

5. Lightweight

Lightweight - Best Free Single Column Tumblr Themes

In search of a document style theme? Take a peek at this straightforward and basic layout. The bold header with smaller post fonts give this theme it’s uncomplicated appeal. Users are easily able to access information quickly and efficiently through the use of tags and searches. Images are always high resolution. Twitter, Disqus comments, likes and follows keep this profile up to date with current Tumblr trends. It’s one of the simplest and fast loading single column Tumblr themes. Download

6. Royal Cameleon

Royal Cameleon - Best Free Single Column Tumblr Themes

This theme truly is a chameleon. It has a plethora of features so you can create a stunning page. From its responsive ability to the stationary sidebar to the simply navigated posts, this layout is extremely user-friendly and ideal for a Tumblr newbie. Google Analytics allows you to monitor your profile and Disqus commenting makes interactions between users easier. Localization, searches, and tags also are a helpful feature because they allow your profile to be smoothly accessed by anyone, in any language. Download

7. PAPER (Featured in single column Tumblr themes)

Paper - Best Free Single Column Tumblr Themes.png

As the title suggests, this theme is great for a writing of any kind. Blogging, news reports, legal advice, anything you can create, this theme will make it look professional. Also, the features are endless with Disqus comments, Instagram feeds, social links, drop caps, code highlighting, and even a recent posts display. The header image looks magnificent as it gently fades into the screen. If being responsive wasn’t enough, the creators have boosted speed and performance to make your page quickly loading and user-friendly. To round out this theme, it supports all post types, custom colors, and images, high resolution, localization and tags. Download

8. ART She Said

ART She Said - Best Free Single Column Tumblr Themes.png

Just when you thought a layout couldn’t get any more simplistic. This theme is as basic as they come. Only being advertised to include custom images, high resolution and tags, this layout is anything but mediocre. The beautiful header combines a variety of fonts and sizes to give this layout a magazine-like feel. The single column stretches across the entire page,while the delicate cursive font is aligned to the right and the high resolution photos to the left. Every aspect of this profile exudes poise and minimalism. Download

9. Deep Blue

Deep Blue - Best Free Single Column Tumblr Themes

Ocean waves and bold sea-inspired fonts grace the home page of this layout. You can customize your ocean to be any color your heart desires as well as add background images or a starry night sky. Links can be changed to anything you wish, making this a great landing page for your business or personal endeavors. Some features also have the ability to be hidden such as tags, likes, the navigational bar and other links. Google Analytics, Twitter, and Disqus comments are used to promote your products or services. Chat boxes also have the ability to change color and text; this process is a true rarity in the Tumblr themes world. Download

10. Big Guy

Big Guy - Best Free Single Column Tumblr Themes

Are you a panoramic photographer in search of a great layout to showcase your work? Check out this photo friendly skin. It’s one of the fancy single column Tumblr themes. Each feature in this layout is handpicked to aid with photographer promotion. From the photo grids to the high resolution panoramic features to the ability to incorporate your personal logo, you won’t be disappointed with the dynamic capabilities of this theme. Tags, likes and a search bar make your posts easily accessible to everyone. Social icon links and Google analytics are standard to help promote your photography business to its fullest potential. Download

11. Booky

Booky - Best Free Single Column Tumblr Themes

Screenwriter or playwright? Does your Tumblr profile focus on your written work? If so, the title says it all about this theme. Any type of literary work would look magnificent showcased throughout this skin. The bold two-tone typewriter style font catches the reader’s attention while the posts are listed neatly below. Colors and images can be changed to fit in with your writing style. Disqus comments, tags, and multi language translations aid the users to access your profile efficiently. Download

The diverse 11 single column Tumblr themes listed above are the cream of the crop in reference to single column layouts. Use one of these skins today to make personalize your awesome profile! Also check out our simple Tumblr themes collection.

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