Simple Tumblr Themes: 11 Free Plain Beautiful Designs

Creativity shows personality, and personality defines who we are. If you are wanting to create a Tumblr blog, then look below to find the best 11 simple Tumblr themes to show your creativity and personality.

1. Sugar (Featured In Simple Tumblr Themes)

free simple tumblr themes sugar

This theme looks incredible on any device and offers a variable grid layout. The main features of the Sugar theme; custom colors, images, high resolution and localization. There are many other features and custom options to choose from as well. Sugar also supports all Tumblr post types and any subject of blog. You are free to choose any color scheme at anytime or design your own. Google Web Fonts can be used with this theme as well, which gives you unlimited style. Also on Sugar is the availability to add any and all of your social media links; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others. This theme is very crisp, clean and responsive on all devices. Download

2. Indy

free simple tumblr themes indi

One of the elegant but beautifully simple Tumblr Themes. With this particular theme less is more. Indy lets your creativity shine through, no matter what type of device you are logged into or using. Some of the main features of Indy are; tags, high resolution, custom colors and custom images. With the Indy theme you can use a few Google Fonts, display vivid full size photo backgrounds, single column layout or a two or three grid style layout. This theme is amazing for those of us who focus on writing, art, music or photography. But would be beautiful with any subject or style of blog. With Indy you achieve a simple, yet outstanding site to share with friends, family and co workers. Download

3. Chale

free simple tumblr themes chale

Equal balance between personal website and blog. Tons of features but still fairly simple. One big bonus is the infinite scroll feature, which allow viewing of all content. You have full control over your colors, fonts, design and functionality. There are 15 of the most popular social media icons, it supports all post types and it works on mobile devices and tablets with ease and clarity. The Chale theme allows you to do animations along with adding your own nlogo or background image. The Chale is simple but extremely customizable, which makes it stand out from all of the rest. Download

4. Basic

free simple tumblr themes basic

This theme speaks for itself. It is one of the most simple themes out there, but still customizable to show your personality. This theme will work on any device and any screen size. The basic theme allows for most of your social media icons to be added. You also have a variety of colors and type faces to choose from. This theme is perfect for beginners who want to get their page up and going. Someone who wants simple, yet personalized and without all of the fluff. This allows for your content to be focused on, and not being distracted by all the extras. Features included is the Basic theme; image zoom, fully responsive, Google Analytics and free updates. Download

5. 1000 Suns

free simple tumblr themes 1000 suns

Customizable, simple and one of the favorites by many. With this theme there are may features. You can customize the header and background image, the colors, you can add cover art and tags for any audio files and so much more. There are other features available, as long as they are enabled on your page. This includes an ask a question, submit post and a Twitter button. 1000 Suns is consistently updated and you will see the changes automatically on your site. Download

6. Belfort

free simple tumblr themes belfort

This theme will be ideal whether you are using your blog professionally or for personal use. As with most of the other themes; this theme supports every post type and has a high resolution. This one also offers the infinite scrolling, scrolling animations and hover interactions. Belfort is geared more toward the artist or photographer, but anyone can use the theme. With Belfort you get customizable text, customizable colors for background, header and avatar border. You also have on/off and hide/show options, and you can enable Google Fonts. This will allow you a wider selection of custom fonts for you page. Download

7. Zebra

free simple tumblr themes zebra

All about the focus being on your content, this is another extremely simple, yet gorgeous theme. The focus is on your words, pictures, art, etc.. Zebra is spacious, responsive and high resolution. You are able to customize your colors, fonts and logo. With this theme you can connect Tumblr notes and all of your social media icons. I personally use this theme and I adore it. It was simple to install and all set up. You have basic step by step on everything that you can enable and customize. There are not an overwhelming amount of features to choose from. Zebra offers just enough to show a little of your personality but to also leave a little mystery. Download

8. Blogit

free simple tumblr themes blogit

Nice header simple Tumblr themes. This theme works on any device with mobie friendly layers. This theme is easy to use and easy to customize. Sometimes color schemes are tricky, but Blogit makes it very wasy to match colors so your page looks professional. Blogit features; ask and submit buttons, drop down menus, tooltips, hover effects and so much more. You can change the width, navigation, header and more. Blogit also can be used professionally or for personal use. Whether you are a writer, artist or photographer this theme would be an exceptional tool to showcase your work. Download

9. Simplify

free simple tumblr themes simplity

There are multiple ways to navigate this simple theme; you can choose to use the arrows on your keyboard, sticky navigation, or the buttons at the bottom of the screen. I love this theme because you can use ‘night mode’. This can be turned on/off in settings and helps with the brightness of the screen to decrease the strain on your eyes. Download

10. Big Guy

free simple tumblr themes big guy

If you love to post really wide pictures, this theme is for you. Perfect for photographers or people who want to show off their family. Big Guy adapts to the size of your screen, so feel free to use a tablet, pc or mobile device. There is a wide variety of options available to customize this theme and highlight your photographs. You can also add a variety of your social media buttons, so you can link everything together. Big Guys also allows you to add other pages to give more room for you to show case your work. Download

11. Wallstocker

free simple tumblr themes wallstocker

Another best of simple Tumblr themes. This theme allows you to have a simple, clean and crisp portfolio. Optimized for PC, smartphone and tablet, it has very responsive correspondence. With Wallstocker you can have your social media sharing buttons under each and every post. You have the freedom to customize your menu design, your font styles, font colors, background colors and so much more. Wallstocker also allows you to use Google Analytics, infinite scroll and the menu type of your choice. Download

With these amazing simple Tumblr themes, you can express yourself in many different and unique ways. Also check out our collection of black and white Tumblr themes.

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