Multi-Columns Tumblr Themes – Amazing Multiple Layouts

To add dimension and flair to your profile, a multi-column layout is ideal. It provides a means of showcasing all your talented posts at a single glance. Check out our round up of the top 11 two, three, and four columns Tumblr themes below. As an added bonus, they’re free!

1. Curly (our favorite multi-columns Tumblr themes)

curly - multi columns tumblr themes - two, three and four columns

Let your photos shine with this theme. Create your own banner and sidebar to make this profile stand out. Social media widgets can also be added along side your own logo, font, and color scheme. The page defaults are given to you but allow for easy changes to be made with their simple user’s guide. High-resolution images can also be featured on your profile with this layout allowing your art or photos to be bountifully praised. Best of all, there’s an option allows you to choose between 2, 3, and 4 columns for your posts. Download

2. Austere (two columns)

austere- two columns minimalist tumblr themes

For the minimalist lover, the ideal theme. A combination of bold but delicate fonts makes this profile simplistic. A small sidebar allows for your posts to be the center of the action while its two column design lets your work be shown in an eye catching fashion. All colors and images can be customized to your liking. Rest assured that anyone who accesses your page will be able to understand and appreciate your work with the use of multi language translation and high resolution images. Download

3. Kotak (two columns)

kotak - two columns minimalist tumblr theme

Simplistic and pleasing is a great description for Kotak. The sidebar positioned between the two columns is what truly makes this layout unique. A navigation drop down menu lets users browse your site with ease and accessibility. Each post is encompassed by a double lined border to create emphasis on your work. The display uses standard black but any color or background image can be used to personalize your page. Tags, likes, reblog, and multi language translation make this theme a user-friendly paradise. Download

4. Void (multi columns)

void multi columns tumblr themes

Are you a social media genius looking for Tumblr page to display your talents? Look no further because that profile is right here. Fluid allows you to take all your social media pages, link them and combine Twitter Instagram and Flickr feeds. Posts are easily shared across platforms while audio and Photoset mechanics are included. Each section includes a nifty icon letting the reader know the type of post. Disqus comments, tags, likes, high resolution and multi language translation make this client friendly profile a must have for multi columns Tumblr themes. Download

5. Maverick (three columns)

maverick - three columns tumblr themes

Content and usability are the focus of this beautiful theme. The plethora of options leave you stunned as to where to begin when installing this layout. Colors, images, post filters, and columns can all be customized to suit your needs. Infinite scrolling, responsiveness, and share buttons give the user the ability to promote your content across all devices and browsers. Google is also fully integrated throughout this profile with Analytics, Fonts, and PageSpeed. Social media is obviously a main tool used throughout as well. Download

6. Indy (three columns)

indy - three columns tumblr themes

Hate having to edit your profile for hours to make it perfect? This layout prides itself on being easily editable and customizable. The background is a full hand selected image fore-fronted by the column layout of your choice. Google fonts and Analytics give great usability for any style blogger. All social media icons are quickly added and the sidebar is efficiently created. The designers are always available for support and guidance when using this theme. Indy is also featured in our Minimalist Tumblr Themes collection. Download

7. Sahara (multi columns)

sahara - multi columns tumblr themes

Columns galore would be an appropriate name for this layout. The left affixed sidebar containing all social media links leads the way for multiple columns positioned across the screen. Infinite scrolling gives users access to all your posts in a quickly accessed format. Images and colors can be customized to fit your style. Tags, likes, follows, and high resolution come standard. Disqus comments give users a means to conversate within your posts. Google Analytics also lets you keep tabs on your profile. Sahara provides you the ability to switch between 2, 3, and 4 columns. This is also one of the best multi-columns Tumblr themes that we have found. Download

8. Elise (three columns)

elise - three columns tumblr themes

Keep your profile effortlessly tidy with this layout. All post types are supported along with numerous plug ins including Disqus, Photoset, Google Web Fonts and so much more. Columns can be adjusted to a masonry style layout giving users the ability to view your posts in a simplistic setting. The header is a navigation bar with links to pages and chat posts. The font size is petite, allowing for your images to stand out individually. High resolution, tags, searches, and translation abilities are another feature within this theme. Twitter can also be linked to your Tumblr account for easy communication across platforms. Download

9. Side Minimal (three columns)

side minimal - 3 columns tumblr themes

A beautifully minimalistic theme makes for a personalization playground. The blank slate of this skin gives you complete control in its appearance. Sidebar and background images can be changed or cropped. Colors and fonts can be switched up in any area of your profile. Links can be added to the sidebar to let users access other content you suggest. Certain aspects of your profile can be hidden such as some images, shadows, and descriptions. You chose what to display and how to showcase it, the ultimate customization kit.

10. Elizabeth Jane (three columns)

elizabeth jane - three columns tumblr themes

Back to basics with this gorgeous theme. A strong simple title strikingly pops against the white background. Links to anything you wish lye under this header. Each photo you feature has simplistic text underneath. Scroll over the photo for options to reblog and like posts. Users also have the ability to search. Each aspect of this layout gives focus to your content. Colors and images can be personalized as well. One of the simplest multi columns Tumblr themes. Download

11. Tigora (three columns)

tigora - three columns tumblr themes

Crisp and functional, this theme is definitely saving the best for last. Three columns are featured under a bold bordered header and page links. Social media icons also adorn the beginning of your page, making it easy for users to contact you. Disqus comments and likes let users leave their opinions scattered across your profile. Infinite scrolling and reblog buttons add to the usability as well as searches and tags. Download

These multi-column layouts give you a diverse selection, making for the perfect buffet of free themes to choose from. The top 11 themes featured here definitely do not disappoint.

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