Minimalist Tumblr Themes: 11 Free Basic Beautiful Layouts

In this day and age, everyone is using social media and we all want to have a great page designed and ready for our readers. However, not everyone is great with creating their own designs or understand the basic concept of creating templates on their own. This is why we have a collection of this free minimalist Tumblr themes, which is great for both new and expert users.

I am an avid social media user and most of the time, I enjoy entering my pages with great pride because the design is welcoming. Since Facebook do not offer themes, let’s pull up a few for Tumblr, a theme driven network.

1. Indy

free simple tumblr themes indi

First on the list of minimalist Tumblr themes is Indy. Most notable key features for the Indy theme option to select from two, three or a classic single column layout. You can explore the idea of displaying social icons and make use of awesome Google fonts. Columns are easily added in the sidebar and adding Google Analytics code is a piece of cake. Indy also features all post types, custom colors, and custom images. It is very user-friendly and the alteration is simple. The look and feel are for anyone who loves the magazine layout. This blog is great for all kinds of blogger. If you want to showcase your photos or design, this is the right one for you. Download

2. Accessible

free minimalist tumblr themes accessible

This is a very cute, yet simple theme. It reminds me of an instant message. Less cluttered and more information-driven. If you enjoy a basic look, this is the perfect theme for you. Download

3. Chale

free simple tumblr themes chale

I am a theme enthusiast and there are some key features that I do find attractive. With the Chale theme, I love how the navigation is featured as a sidebar icon. It gives a clean feel when traffic is flowing in. I am not a big fan of having all of my links clustered into words. Icons make a big difference. Download

4. Elise

free cool tumblr themes elise

This is a great magazine-style theme that provides a grid and panoramic stream to your page. It also gives you four different post layouts to choose from. This specific theme gives credit and support from Google WebFont, jQuery, IcoMoon, and much more. Download

5. Blushing

free minimalist tumblr themes blushing

One of the best minimalist Tumblr themes This is also the theme that I am currently using. As I mentioned before, I love a simple style of navigation. Although this doesn’t have the icon to simplify over text, I can say that the look and feel are great. It offers readers just the information that they are looking for, instead of searching. As a reader, the one thing that I aim for when I have been directed to an article is a clutter-free environment. This provides that. Download

6. Honeycomb (Featured In Minimalist Tumblr Themes)

 free minimalist tumblr themes honeycomb

Some themes do not live up to their name but this one sure does! The hexagonal grid gives this theme characters like no others. I enjoy a fun design and this one is definitely fun to work with. Download

7. Ambient

free minimalist tumblr themes ambient

Ambient is a very neutral design that most people can agree is very tasteful and easy to use. The color schemes can be changed and toggled; kept the same or add a few of your own touch, if you dabble with codes like I do. This is definitely a simplified way of blogging. Best recommended for those who just want to get their point of view across. You have the option to choose between 500px or 400 px column width, with custom colors and fonts; adjustable font size and toggle infinite scrolling. Linking your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account will add the extra touch. Download

8. Anchor

free minimalist tumblr themes anchor

Let’s get back to a basic, minimal theme, which Anchors offer just that. This newspaper style grid is fun! It allows you to customize the looks to your liking while keeping articles straight to the point. Download

9. Esten

free minimalist tumblr themes esten

Esten is a feed driven theme and depending on what the contents of the page is, if you are a promoter, writer, or marketer, this may be the theme for you. This will definitely be a great theme for anyone who wants to showcase their artistic self or want to create a big network and boost traffic. It is easier when you have a center for direction. This theme gives your blog just that! Download

10. Sandy

free minimalist tumblr themes sandy

Sandy is what I would consider a very elegant theme in the minimalist Tumblr themes list. The navigation is not randomly all over the place. The plus side is, the links is posted as icons. This theme offers variety, giving you the choice of two, three or four column ‘masonry’ grid. You can also consider a classic single column layout, which I find pretty boring. I always look at my page as I would my own home. I cannot live in a cookie cutter design house. This theme is very mobile-friendly and it lets people share photo posts to Pinterest, which is an additive. Download

11. macOS Sierra

free minimalist tumblr themes macos sierra

My last listing would have to be the macOS Sierra Theme! If you are a PC user like I am, you’d understand why I would pick this as the last minimal Tumblr theme to recommend. We love our Windows operating system, but we do adore the look of Mac. This theme gives you hope that you can have Mac running on PC without having to run two operating system on one machine and toggle between the two. Of course, it would not run Mac software but have your blog mimic it is good enough, right? Download

That is the list of free minimalist Tumbr themes. We hope you enjoy the themes that we’ve picked out for you. don’t forget to check out other collection of free Simple Tumblr Themes.

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