Kawaii Tumblr Themes: 11 Free Cute Japanese Layouts

Here is a list of free Kawaii Tumblr themes to welcome you to this one big community where connections are made. At Tumblr, you’ll be able to follow people and institution of your choice as well as sharing your posts such as videos, links, and pictures.

It also offers a chance to have your own blog where you can express your mind and your identity. Since the year 2013 Tumblr has to be co-owned by Yahoo and it’s still rocking with active users of over a hundred million, despite what’s happening with Yahoo! currently.

The Tumblr Kawaii Themes have been analyzed in the terms of its customization capabilities, the number of links offered, its type of grid content management system, the number of social icons they offer as well as the number of features it boasts, an amount of pixel it offers, post width and the number of visible tags. Here we will categories a list of Best 11 Free Tumblr Kawaii Themes, so launch your Tumblr blog and engage with the society with your great ideas.

KITTENISH (Featured In Kawaii Tumblr Themes)

kawaii tumblr themes kttenish

Are you that pet person, then you don’t have to scroll past this template, With this template comes with the cats! 27 color options to choose from, 12 drop-down with custom links if you use HTML you know what I mean. A capacity of 250px posts in it. It also has a chance or you could say an alternative of 350px texts posts, access to a like and reblog button,. Tumblr controls are customizable with the features such as dashboard, fan mail and follow, and up to the capability of up to 150px by 150px sidebar picture. As if not enough, this theme is really good in making gallery websites which range from text media, photos, and even videos. Don’t miss this Kawaii theme for your own sake. Download


kawaii tumblr themes popsicle

If you are a dynamic person this template is the only option you got. This is a very unique Kawaii theme that really attracts a large number of people. It is built with a moving background or GIF as most of us are aware of is optional, it comes with a faded photo which comes with an option, its featured with a grid theme, it also comes with choose columns thus 3 to 5 and finish of with an optional form of rounded posts. It is the best theme that you can choose when you want to make a website for an artist. Additionally, with this theme you can optimize your SEO more easily and importantly in a very friendly manner. Download


free kawaii tumblr themes faq

Are you looking for a template with customizable colors to suit your desire, the bear background is not an image but rather all CSS doings, features like blog roll sections with ask as well as links and about and a capacity of 10-15 links which include all the available social media links (Instagram, twitter and Facebook). It also comes with an option between full page and fixed. It’s one of the best free Kawaii Tumblr Themes. Download

Tea Origami

kawaii tumblr themes tea origami

We would not miss telling you about this one of the best free Kawaii Tumblr themes. It’s featured with grid based a feature that has been applauded by most cute theme lovers,. With Tea Origami, you can use it in situations that you may wish to share a series visual content series. You have my word with these. Download


free kawaii tumblr themes dreamscape

This theme is the best starting point when you want to construct your own design with a solid foundation, the best part is with a CSS editor and a few HTML code can quickly a very great looking design. Download


free kawaii tumblr themes kurokoi

If you are a content oriented person. Kurokoi gives you the power to choose your own header photograph making the site to have a wide view when it comes to pages and posts. It allows display of icons on your blog that enables you to be linked to your YouTube, Vimeo, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Flickr, Google+, Pinterest. Make this your choice. Download


free kawaii tumblr themes zophier

Do you want a theme that can boast 40+ unique features. This is something that very few themes can provide we couldn’t fail to recognize how this theme is beautifully and wonderfully made. What amazes me is the variety of layouts, social media links, infinite scrolling, full customization as well as a twitter feed. Stop scrolling and get your hands all over this theme. Download


free kawaii tumblr themes secret 05

If you are a freelancer beware, there is a hot cake on the Tumblr theme platform. It’s the one Kawaii uses it for many purposes, one of the simplest blogging themes. You wouldn’t fail to recommend the design feature that is so unique. Its customization ability is higher than other Tumblr themes. Another feature that can’t go without being noticed is the comment system, social media icons, analytics integration and the responsiveness from the blog pages. Get Code


free kawaii tumblr themes tumbla

If your passion is into sharing visual creative arts, with this template lots of its content is comprised of images that can be animated as well as dynamic. The left side is reserved for content as the right side is left for individuals that have liked its content. This eliminates the need of the designer to create long pages firmly on the simple elements. Get Code


cute kawaii tumblr themes hotaru

For brands that value quality, minimalism is your choice. People as well as creating that desire to share professional ideas as well as imagery content. You cannot fail to see its grid content management, image, a background color that is customizable. Its equipped with a mobile version layout, social links, to allow more fluid content for maximum browser experience. Lastly, a sidebar that is sticky in which its navigation menu. Get Code


free kawaii tumblr themes tradegy

Tradegy is a fully responsive, universal as well as clean Tumblr theme. At your first glance, you might think it’s a WordPress optimized blog or a Ghost built site. Tradegy has the magic of attaining a transparent feature within its structure, its capacity when it comes to customization. It also consists of up to 5 customizable links. Get Code

We hope you found this list of free Kawaii Tumblr Themes helpful. Don’t forget to check out other collection of free Cute Tumblr Themes.

Premium Kawaii Tumblr Theme

premium cute tumblr themes pop galleryPop Gallery is a Tumblr theme for visual portfolios, galleries, handcrafts shops, with the unique possibility to present distinct thumbnails for new, sold and reserved items. It has a beautiful and clean design with circular thumbnails. It’s currently having about 1,000 sales with the price $24. Check It Out or see our other collection of free cool Tumblr themes.