Cute Tumblr Themes: 11 Best Free Adorable Layouts

Looking for free cute Tumblr themes? Here we have rounded up the best and cutest themes to make your Tumblr page look absolutely delightful!

1. Primma Donna

If you are a lover of all things girly, then this is the theme for you. The cursive lettering with flourishes set this theme apart. The display images show the primary colors to be pink, but it’s fully customizable including custom images and colors. It features two columns, a sidebar positioned on the left, and all headers and footers are centered. This adorable theme integrates high resolution photos and supports all photo types in an effort to create an eye-catching page. It also supports tags, searches and the Instagram widget. The Disqus widget and localization help by adding the ability to comment and translate into multiple languages. Download

2. Lilac

Lilac is one of my favorite free cute Tumblr themes. Despite its name, this theme doesn’t contain much purple. The background is a beautiful array of floral aspects with multi-colored flourishes. The font is a thin block style with social media icons added underneath your page description. This theme is fully customizable to your personal preferences in reference to color, images, and post types. It also allows for two column displays with differently colored tag labels. High resolution image capabilities and localization allow for the ultimate ability to express yourself. Most of all, it incorporates likes and Disqus comments to allow for others to interact with your page. Download

3. Gardening

free tumblr cute themes gardening

Does your page suggest a love for gardening or anything floral? If so, picking this theme may be appropriate. It combines custom images and a variety of flowery backgrounds to give off a botanical style. Each skin or background has the ability to cycle with the seasons. From the frosty Winter to the vibrant Summer, your Tumblr page will be delightful all year round. This theme also includes a different color theme for each season: blue for Winter, green for Spring, orange for Summer, and mauve for Fall. The two column design, left sidebar and infinite scrolling style allow for users to easily view all your pictures and posts. As always, this theme also includes localization, Disqus comments, searches and tags. Download

4. Aqua

free tumblr cute themes aqua

This style of theme is more appropriate for bloggers than anyone else. It allows for colors and images to be customized. Social media icons are colored to cohesively match the remainder of your page. All post types are supported but the stylistic aspects of this theme are in one fluid column. The header font is very reminiscent of calligraphy while the sub headers are bock style with all capitals. The background images is multi-colored pastel polka dots with a white background. Pages are fully reversible and allow for Disqus commenting as well as likes, searches and tags. Download

5. Pugs and Kisses

free cute tumblr themes pugs and kisses

For a page that features pugs, or even just dogs in general, this theme is absolutely perfect! It combines a super girly background featuring a cartoon pug inside of a heart. The ribbon running across the bottom of the image reads “PUGS AND KISSES”. The multiple column styles allow for diversity and customization. High resolution image grids allow for the ultimate way to express your individuality and love for pugs. Download

6. Illustfolio 3

free cute tumblr themes pugs and kisses illustfolio

Illustrators will be thrilled to use this simple but charming design. It combines a white background with a pop of any color to create a showcase for your best masterpieces. The icons are cute but minimal allowing for the focus of the page to be posts of all kinds. Images are high resolution and text can be translated to any language. This skin is responsive to mobile and tablet devices and features infinite scrolling capabilities. The text is bold printed with an all capitals style header. This theme also comes with support from the designer to assist with a seamless integration to your Tumblr page. Download

7. Love, Rosie (favorite free cute Tumblr themes)

free cute tumblr theme love rosie

If you haven’t guessed by the title, this theme is all about roses. Pink accents the skin with floral images scattered throughout. White roses are used as eye catching images to draw the reader’s attention to important information. The title is a beautiful rose gold with a cursive calligraphy font. The colors are fully customizable along with the font styles. Two columns are used to display posts and are easily responsive on different devices. This theme allows for integration of your Instagram feed and high resolution photos. A twitter feed can also be used within this theme. Download

8. Mint Chip

free cute tumblr themes mint chip

If you need plenty of stylistic options with a cute design, this theme gets the job done. It combines an easy to navigate layout with minimal but beautiful backgrounds. Multiple text boxes are included to allow from more links, information, or anything you see fit. The likes, share, and profile image are included vertically on every post, which sets this theme apart from other designs on this list. The sidebar is completely is your disposal: change headings, insert images, or reverse the design. Download

9. Tumblr Official

free cute tumblr theme official

This theme may seems a bit odd to be featured on the cute theme list, but it allows for so much individuality that you could make it as cute as you want. It uses any layout, column or grid. There is also an endless combination of colors and images. The font selection allows for ever font possible to be featured. You’re also able to have your header image resemble your profile picture. This makes the theme look cohesive with your images. This theme makes for a complete customizer’s dream. Download


free cute tumblr themes chunky

Simple but informative is a great description of this theme. The ability to add a quote right at the beginning of the page make it a great option for writers and bloggers alike. The chunky font heading gets straight to the point and lets readers know the purpose of your page. This skin looks to have a funky newspaper feel but easily still showcases your posts. Colors are also able to be customized and images are high resolution. Download

11. Next Saturday

cute tumblr themes next saturday

Last but not least is this adorable theme, that combines many different colors with a single column layout. The column is boxed in and the sub headers are in a 3 dimensional style within the column. The dates are in bubbles along the sides of posts with a bubble letter font. The headers are in a block, all capitals font. Images are featured full page alongside custom colors and tags. It may be the last on this list but it definitely does not disappoint. Download

Each of these free cute Tumblr themes, while widely different, will contribute to the cuteness of your page while also increasing its functionality and appeal to readers.

In addition to these free themes, I would like to include a handpicked premium one. It’s one of the best and most sale cute Tumblr themes on Themeforest.

Pop Gallery

premium cute tumblr themes pop galleryPop Gallery is a Tumblr theme for visual portfolios, galleries, handcrafts shops, with the unique possibility to present distinct thumbnails for new, sold and reserved items. It has a beautiful and clean design with circular thumbnails. It’s currently having about 1,000 sales with the price $24. Check It Out or see our other collection of free cool Tumblr themes.