Cool Tumblr Themes: 11 Free Designs Styling Your Pages

Before getting into some cool Tumblr themes, let’s start with a little background. Today social media being the most used form of communication in today’s world, Tumblr has become one of the best sites to use. It is a social networking website that most people use when browsing and searching the internet.

Bloggers can use this to blog or follow other bloggers in their site. Advertising on Tumblr is also available and the users pay a small fee for this. It has proven to be a reliable site that works well for everyone.

Opening an account is very easy and the best news is that users can link this to their other accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Once a post is created, it appears directly on the pages of the other accounts that one has linked.

For the best micro-blogging, you have to create something that most people will enjoy looking at. It has to be something that will capture the eye of others and attract. Here are the best 11 cool Tumblr themes that you can use to sharp up your pages.

1. Effector

free cool tumblr themes effector

With this theme, various features make the result appealing. There are different types of layouts that one can choose from and add different designs and colors. This theme can be customized as you can change what you feel does not look good. Social icons are also present and they are many so you get to choose what makes your blog look attractive. Download

2. Indy

free cool tumblr themes indy

Indy is one of the best free cool Tumblr themes. With this theme, it makes your posts look attractive and well organized. Apart from the theme being free, it is flexible and both the young and the old members use it. It has an elegant look to it and the contents flow freely and smoothly as well. It is easily translated and bloggers can understand, as the scrolling is easy too. A theme makes it fun to use the site as you can organize your content and photos in an appealing way. It has the best display whether you are using a phone or desktop and will definitely attract other members to your site. Download

3. Euphoria

free cool tumblr themes euphoria

Writers, bloggers and other people who work in the journalism industry love using this theme as it suits their job perfectly. They have the privilege to choose what they want shown on the cover as they can put up different pages. As they write their content, they can put up links beside what they have posted and upload photos as well. It has various templates that help you create the main page with just a simple click of a button. It is easy to search and simple for users to follow. Download

4. Sugar

free cool tumblr themes sugar

It is a theme that has only four colors to choose from and shows you different ways you can display your images. This will give the users a feel of interaction with you as they get to understand what your mind consists. You get the advantage of downloading photos or videos from other sites and attaching it to your own. The discussion area is easy to operate and allows discussions to proceed well. Download

5. Wicked
free cool tumblr themes wicked

The images in this theme are perfectly clear and big making it a favorable site for those who document things or photographers. The security here is very strict and no one can copy your work. People who explain content with photos or want to teach how to make something can use this theme as it has photos that are explained systematically with content. The layout is very simple and users can enjoy getting to your site. Download

6. Urbane

free cool tumblr themes urbane

As the name suggests, it is best for repeated news and this is in magazines and newspapers. It is the best theme for news and creating headlines. Users are free to comment and they can engage in dialogue here. You can appeal your visitors by having the trending news and attaching links next to their posts. Make sure you display the latest news and trending posts in your sidebar for everyone to pick what they want to read. Download

7. Spacing

free cool tumblr themes spacing

Again, this is another theme used for publishing posts like in magazines and books. It is easy to search and connects to other social media platforms easily by the use of a button. The site is automatic as it displays previous and next buttons. It is the best theme for bloggers who want to create a website in other languages.

8. Castle

free cool tumblr themes castle

As an owner of a website, you want many people to view your page and keep them connected and active. With this theme, it has ready-made templates that visitors can use easily and find everything they are looking for. You can decorate the sidebar, footer and header as well with different widgets. The best thing about this is that you can earn money by showing different ads. Download

9. Malinis

free cool tumblr themes malinis

Malinis is a very old school but with new customized features. It has two layouts that are switched at any time, and it also has different colors to choose from which changes the way everything looks in that page. It is simple to use and the contents are translated. Download

10. Elise

free cool tumblr themes elise

This theme is for people who want to display large photos. You get to choose which page to display first. When engaging with the visitors, they are free to interact with you and leave a comment in the page below. The templates are ready made but can be customized according to one’s taste. You can use different languages as well and add links in the header section. Download

11. Void

free cool tumblr themes void

The cool Tumblr themes with Pinterest style, and it mainly focuses on the content. The visitors get to view the photos by choosing in the gallery section. The colors are either dark or light and the users get to choose which shade they prefer to view in. it supports foreign languages and comes with instructions on how to use it. Download

For every type of person that wants to create a website whether a businessperson, teenager or blogger, with the right theme they can make the best Tumblr site. It can be for business, pleasure, a school or a magazine. This has become the most used and best available platform and good thing is that it’s owned by YAHOO. Check out our free cute Tumblr themes.

Premium theme in addition to the free cool Tumblr themes

In case you haven’t found any good themes in our cool Tumblr themes collection, we have included a premium theme below. The design is excellent and the price is only $12, which is totally affordable.

premium tumblr theme popcase

POPCASE is a Tumblr theme with 3 column layouts and unlimited color scheme control, suitable for displaying your artworks and articles. Features include image slider, image upload, social share, and much more. Check it out