Black and White Tumblr Themes: 11 Free Simple But Beautiful Layouts

There’s nothing like having a clean black and white background. Everything just seems to pop out on screen behind the combination of these two colors. They’re timeless and quietly expressive. These are 11 of the best black and white Tumblr themes to elevate your site to a new kind of awesome.

1. Aviators

free black and white tumblr themes aviators

Whether you’re the ultimate Top Gun fan or an avid Ray-ban wearer, this theme is just the coolest of cool. It’s so simple, yet so creative; you can do many things with a background like this. Being predominantly black, create posts with contrasting colors, and you’ll find yourself having one good-looking Tumblr page. Be a maverick and use this Aviators theme to brighten up your sight. Your readers will soon be wearing aviators because of how brilliant your page is. Download (Note: creator requires either a Tweet or Google Plus to unlock the code.)

2. Vintage Pattern

free black and white tumblr themes vintage pattern

It could very well be the wallpaper of a super-secret social club’s lounge or that from a room in a Victorian novel. Regardless of how you see it, one thing is for sure: this lack and white Tumblr themes is sophistication in a background. While it’s mostly black, the patterns are so intricate and beautiful. You can have white-heavy posts and you’ll be amazed at how that contrast will look on your page. If your posts are mostly about romanticism and elegance, this theme will be perfect for you. Think Pride and Prejudice, only darker and sexier. Download

3. Photographica (Featured In Black and White Tumblr Themes)

free black and white tumblr themes photographica

This official Tumblr theme is all about black and white photography. The way it’s set up makes your photos the main focus on your page. Nothing can ever be boring about a black and white page like this, especially if you’re pretty skillful when it comes to taking and editing photos. With this theme, everything is absolutely customizable. It’s a portfolio theme, so you can also use this for a complete website. You can have navigation, a gallery, and even widgets. This theme is more involved, but it’s worth it with the way your black and whites will look online. Download

4. Black Snake Skin

free black and white tumblr themes snake skin

You don’t have to be a lover of reptiles to appreciate this beautiful and simple snakeskin theme. The patterns on this theme are quite elegant, but they also give off a strong vibe. If you do happen to be a reptile-lover, the black snakeskin theme will be just right for you. This cold-blooded theme also has multiple variations for personalization. Contrast this with strong graphics and some bold typography, and you’ll find yourself with a truly attractive Tumblr page. It’s subtle but completely mesmerizing. Download (note: a “like” is required to download the source code.)

5. Skinny Simple

free black and white tumblr themes skinny simple

One of the best free black and white Tumblr themes. For the minimalist, the Skinny Simple Tumblr theme is more than empty spaces. It’s about well-placed lines and simplicity. It’s about the right amount of black against the right amount of white. The Skinny Simple’s purpose is to let your posts shine. If you like to post quotes, sayings, one-liners, and the like, this minimalist theme will do wonders for your Tumbler page. It works best if you really want the spotlight to be on the things that you say. It’ll also work if you post more pictures than anything. This theme is as basic as they get, but sometimes basic can be beautiful. Download

6. Unraveling Cassette

free black and white tumblr themes unraveling cassette

For the music enthusiasts, the forever 80s kids, and the emo lovers, the Unraveling Cassette theme does more than express. This theme is clean, it’s fun, and it can be used in different ways. Whether you do predominantly pictures or not, this theme provides a backdrop that can go with anything. It’s works well with highly personal posts; it can help you tell all the B-sides to your story. Give this theme a try if you want to a more lighthearted feel to your page and if you want to go for something a lot less dramatic. Download

7. Verse

free black and white tumblr themes verse

This black and white Tumblr themes is all about artistry. It is poetic in its core. It is absolutely brilliant. Since it works with portfolio blogs, it has many features and options for layouts, fonts, and other specifications. Verse is easy to customize and is highly responsive, but enough about technicalities. The look of this theme is very dramatic. It’s full of raw intent and emotion. You can really use this theme to convey your art whether it’s in words or frames. If you happen to take tons of black and white photography, this theme will do wonders with your pictures. Download

8. Sky at Night

free black and white tumblr themes sky at night

No collection of black and white themes will be complete without one about the night sky. After all, it’s the most natural contrast of black and white. The Sky at Night is a stunning theme. It’ll give your Tumblr page an otherworldly sense, a sense of the ether. This theme is so dreamy that your pictures will literally feel like they’re from out of this world. Whether your page is about something celestial or not, using this theme will make everything in your page as brilliant as the stars. Dowmload

9. Railway to the Unknown

free black and white tumblr themes railway to the unknown

Old Polaroids. Endless summers. Quick getaways. These are the things you think about when looking at this theme. The Railway to the Unknown is an easy favorite. It gives off such a nostalgic vibe; it’ll be perfect for Tumblr pages that are all about experiences and destinations. If you post mostly about traveling or places you’ve been to or want to go to, this theme will be the perfect backdrop. There’s also open-endedness to the Railway theme; you can really just use it to tell whatever story you wish to tell. Download (requires a “like”)

10. Mangy Birds Feathers

free black and white tumblr themes mangy birds feathers

They’re messy, shabby, and really mangy, but they’re also kind of artsy. This Mangy Birds Feathers Tumblr theme is kind of the beautiful side of ugly. It adds such a unique twist on the usual feathers theme. If you want a vibe for your Tumblr page that’s beautifully messy, this is the theme for you. There’s a realism to it that’s saying life is not always clean. If you tend to post about such sentiments, this theme will reflect that completely. The images of the feathers are so soothing also in a sense; it’s a true contradiction visually. That’s what ultimately makes for a good page. Download

11. Black Brick Wall

Perhaps one of the best black and white themes out there is also one of the most understated. The Black Brick Wall theme is really all it is. There are no extras. No fringes. You get what you get. If that’s what you’re going for on your Tumblr page, look no further than this theme. You can literally put anything against this backdrop, and it will look like a statement. The simplicity of it is really stunning. If the writing’s somehow on the wall, it won’t be on your Black Brick Wall. Download

Black and White Premium Theme

In case none of above free black and white Tumblr themes met your requirement, we would like to include a premium one for you.

premium black and white theme foundations

Features include ultra responsive, which looks great on all devices. Multi-purposes theme that you can use either for portfolios, blogs, etc. It also includes slider, random header backgrounds, and social networks. It’s currently sale for only $18. Check it out or see our other collection of free cute Tumblr themes.