Aesthetic Tumblr Themes: 11 Free Elegant Layouts

Aesthetic! A term we hear and instantly think of beauty or anything that is pleasing to the eye. That’s just what was thought when we compiled this list of 11 free aesthetic Tumblr themes. If you are in the market for a free and beautiful layout for your Tumblr account, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Viena

free aesthetic tumblr viena

First comes in the list of aesthetic Tumblr Themes is Viena. The creator of this theme calls it a simple way to “beautify your Tumblr”. Grids of photos and cursive lettering are combined in this theme to bring out the beauty of your page. The simplistic design allows for your posts to stand out and grab the reader’s attention. Images are able to utilize a filter setting that allows them to look uniform and cohesive. The color options are fully customizable along with the column amounts and background colors. Every detail of this skin can fit your needs and allow for free expression. This theme also includes high resolution photos, tags, and the ability to convert to multiple languages. Download

2. Avant garde

free aesthetic tumblr themes avant garde

The name says it all. This theme combines a fresh look with a modern touch. It is ideal for businesses or brand building. Get your customers attention with this splendid layout. The clean, crisp lines and minimal writing create an exquisite page to draw in users. The ability to upload your personal logo and share posts to all social media allow you to build an eye-catching portfolio. Personal touches can also be added through the use of custom colors and fonts. This theme looks cohesive across all device types by optimizing each layout for the ultimate responsive look. Need help adjusting your page look? Support is standard with this theme. Download

3. Persona

free aesthetic tumblr themes persona

Behold, a dream layout for a photographer or individual in the beauty community. The functionality of this design makes building a gallery of photo simple and easy. All the hard work is done for you in this completely customized theme. Headers have the ability to be your own personal photos. Your delightful image posts are the forefront of the profile with text scrolled across each. Social media icons are also included in an accessible area that won’t detract from the beauty of your photos. Users can also search using tags or post comments using Disqus commenting. Download

4. Wicked

free aesthetic tumblr mecchant

Simple but Wicked is one of the nicest aesthetic Tumblr themes. This layout is truly minimalist. All photos have the ability to be filtered to an astounding black and white, while the text is subtly featured below the image. The large picture size lets it stand out on the page along with customizing the placement of each of your delectable images. If, however, you choose to tailor this skin to fit your personal style, it allows for custom fonts and colors. The number of columns can also be personalized. The ability to add infinite scroll and work across all devices comes standard. Download

5. Minimalism

free aesthetic tumblr themes Minimalist

Just as the name suggests, this alluring theme focuses on photos and posts, rather than words or content. The top bar of the page features a delicate single letter of your choosing and links to all your page sites, along with a search function. Photos can either be arranged in columns or grids allowing for customization. Fonts and colors work similarly. All images are high resolution and encourage users to utilize the Disqus commenting feature embedded in this theme. Other features of this theme include infinite scrolling, multiple language translation and full responsiveness with all devices. Download

6. Rue

free aesthetic tumblr themes rue

Do you need a beautiful theme but with Google capabilities? Install this one! Google Analytic and Google Fonts are a main draw with the utilization of this design. A large header image begins this layout followed by one large column and a sidebar. Each piece of this skin is minimal but still gives an aesthetic style. Pages are linked at the beginning and the side has full account details including social media, an “about me” section and your profile image. High resolution images combine with Disqus comments to allow readers interactions throughout all types of posts. Personalize this by creating custom colors and fonts. Download

7. Oscar

free aesthetic tumblr themes oscar

Bloggers will be astounded at the eye pleasing quality of this theme. It combines a stationary, custom image side bar with a single column of posts to display photos and text alike. Social media icons are embedded in the sidebar image under a personal quote and page links. This give user complete profile access with the click of a button. All posts include high resolution images and multiple colors, fonts and post widths. Google Analytic and Fonts also are a feature of this skin. The creator states this font “looks good on any device. Download

8. Berlin

free aesthetic tumblr themes berlin

Is your page all about unique works of art? This theme utilizes a space-free grid to showcase high resolution images. Photos can be arranged in grids of 2, 3, 4, or 5 with the ability to insert different fonts and colors. Social media icons and tag searches also allow for users to easily navigate your posts and other pages. The usability of this theme is extremely simplistic, creating the perfect canvas for your artwork. Download

9. ImNotWordy

free aesthetic tumblr themes ImNotWordy

Another best of aesthetic Tumblr Themes. A designer’s paradise truly is the most accurate description for this theme. This format was created with fashion gurus in mind. The feasibility of working with this layout makes it a thought free way to showcase your merchandise and promote sales. The way of liking photos through this design is extremely simplistic and allows users to interact freely with your page. The header is elegant and simple, featuring your title in cursive on a custom color background. The side bar is extremely small, only utilizing enough space to house social media icons. Most text is hidden until a post is clicked on but all posts are able to utilize Disqus commenting. Download

10. Jennifer (Featured In Aesthetic Tumblr Themes)

free aesthetic tumblr themes jennifer theme

To add to the elegant options for blogger style themes, this design is outstanding. It combines everything a blogger would need to create an engaging web page. Full customization along with an easy use sidebar help the reader navigate quickly and effectively. The beautiful header is composed of a handwritten font with a single line under. Each post shows Disqus comments and can add links to help promote other sites or products. This theme also uses multi-language translations, tag, searches, and an embedded personal Twitter feed. Download

11. LEEN

free aesthetic tumblr themes leen

To round out our top list, this theme incorporates a basic design but a fantastic ability to interest the reader. It equally balances images with written posts. The posts are front and center, encased in crisp boxes, and all the typical Tumblr links to the side. The sidebar features your profile picture with a quote of your choice and all your social media icons. High resolution images, infinite scrolling, and fully customizable colors and images allow you to create your own masterpiece page. Download

Hopefully this aesthetic Tumblr themes list was able to give you some insight into some of most eye-catching themes available for your Tumblr page. Also check out our other collection free Cool Tumblr Themes.

Premium Aesthetic Tumblr Theme

premium tumblr themes the catalog
The Catalog is a simple yet very complete Tumblr Theme focused on getting all your photos, text, videos, audio in a catalog-like format. All posts are showed as thumbnails and you can see more by clicking them. It’s a responsive theme that works well in different screen sizes. It has a slider that fetches posted photos based on a special tag. This beautiful theme cost only $24. Check it out.